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Restoration Services for Wood & Fabric Furniture

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Wood Refinishing & Antique Restoration

Bring your furniture to Apex Furniture Repair & Upholstery in Magnolia, New Jersey, for wood refinishing. We have a special process for antique restoration to preserve your valuable heirlooms. If your furniture damage is covered by insurance, we offer insurance estimates and accept insurance work.

Kitchen Furniture


We are experts at stripping and refinishing the surface to remove unsightly marks. We dissolve and break your current finish down to natural wood with tactile materials. A new finish is then applied to your raw wood, producing vibrant colors. Let us refinish your:

  • Railings
  • Cabinets
  • Staircases
  • Doors

Antique Wooden Furniture

Antique Restorations

To help preserve the value, we treat antique wood differently than normal wooden furniture. Our methods involve touching up your antiques, so they do not look dull or dingy, as well as restoring the finish to make them look like new.

Take care of your old furniture with our antique restoration service.