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Restoration Services for Wood & Fabric Furniture

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Fabric Replacement & Custom Woodworking

Restore your furniture to its original beauty with fabric replacement services from Apex Furniture Repair & Upholstery. Custom woodworking and repairs are done on premises in Magnolia, New Jersey.

Wooden Cabinet


Bring your wooden furniture to us for major and minor structural repairs. We repair broken or loose legs, arms and backs. We fix nicks, scratches, water damage on all types of furniture, both modern and antique. Let us revitalize your valuable family heirlooms repairing broken wood. We have the right woodworking tools and skills to provide new parts.

Modern Living Room With Sofa


Let us reupholster your fabric and cloth furniture by repairing torn seams. If you have stains on your upholstery that are hard to get out, let us replace it with brand new fabric. We have hundreds of high-quality decorator fabrics to choose from.

Take your furniture to us for long-lasting fabric replacement and custom woodworking.